Whether it is because people living in Hizen routinely use ceramics that is superior in quality,
they seem to have an acute sensitivity to what kinds of delicious-tasting foods should be placed on quality tableware.
Here, we highlight eight different “baked and grilled” gourmet foods on ceramics that are a source of local pride.
This is a collection of every popular baked or grilled local specialty from each town
where you can almost hear the tantalizing sounds of sizzling, simmering, fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness.
Three meals a day does not give you enough time to taste all the different foods that are available.
If you visit Hizen to see the ceramics of the area,
be sure not to pass up an opportunity to treat yourself to these exquisite dishes
that include seafood, meat and food grilled on iron plates and in stone kilns.
Just like the ceramics in each area, each of these unique gourmet foods stir up different emotions.
Any of these dishes can stay in your memory as a reminder of your travels or be used as souvenirs.
Continue to enjoy the charm of Hizen even after you return home.


Baked curry

Baked curry ranks high in surveys of nationwide ekiben (lunch boxes sold at train stations) and is a popular order. It is also sold as a set with Arita ware that can be taken home as a souvenir.


Imari beef steak

Imari beef is a brand known nationwide. This marbled beef is the ultimate delicacy.


Pan-fried gyoza dumplings

Specialty pan-fried gyoza dumplings are baked over high heat and finished over medium heat, giving it a crispy outside layer. Challenge yourself to find out how many you can eat!


Grilled oysters

Enjoy fresh oysters from winter to early spring in Karatsu, a treasure trove for seafood. Add buttery soy sauce to these oysters to give it a perfect, savory taste.



Everyone can enjoy sharing this pizza baked with hearty amounts of locally harvested seasonal ingredients in a stone kiln.


Grilled Japanese fan lobster

With its firm meat and concentrated sweetness, Japanese fan lobster is an exquisite, rare delicacy in Japan that can be grilled or enjoyed as sashimi.


Baked confectionery sweets

These baked confectionery sweets are made using a specialty tea unique to Ureshino. They taste great paired with coffee or tea and are popular with a wide range of people.


Lemon steak

Well-cooked, thinly sliced pieces of steak covered with sizzling butter are served on a piping hot iron plate with refreshing lemon slices!