Original nail art stickers have been designed to give you even more opportunities to be exposed to ceramics in Hizen!
Created in the spring of 2018, traditional patterns have been transformed into lovely, modern designs, with eight different kinds of patterns representing each area in Hizen.
They are easy to put on! After wetting the stickers with water, attach them to your nails once the stickers become soft. Once the stickers have dried, just cut off the extra parts, and voila!
Nail art stickers are a great way to remember your trip and as souvenirs.

Karatsu style

“Ume (plums)” shown in Ekaratsu (brush decorated Karatsu ware)

Available at

Karatsu Tourism Association

Karatsu Ware General Exhibition Hall

Imari style

Arrangement of the traditional pattern of “seigaiha (wave patterns)”

Available at

Imari Tourism Association

Traditional Industry Hall for Imari and Arita Pottery

Takeo style

Motif based on the “zogan (inlay)” technique for pottery

Available at

Takeo-Onsen Station Tourist Information Center

Machinaka Tourist Information Center “Gabai”

Hiryu Kiln

Ureshino style

“Mizutama (polka-dotted)” pattern used on Yoshida ware since ancient times

Available at

Ureshino Onsen Tourism Association

Ureshino Kouryu Center

Arita style

Design representing the historic, traditional “ichimatsu (checkered)” pattern

Available at

Arita Tourism Association

KILN ARITA (Tourist Information Center)

Arita-Kan (Exchange Plaza of Traditional Culture)

Sasebo (Mikawachi) style

Designed in the auspicious pattern of “yabane (arrow feathers)”

Available at

Sasebo Convention and Visitors Association

Mikawachi Ware Center for Traditional Industry

Hirado style

Arranged in the traditional technique of “sukashi bori (latticework)”

Available at

Hirado Tourist Association

Hasami style

Designed in the lucky pattern of “komasuji (spirals)”

Available at

Hasami Tourist Association