The traditional techniques that have survived over the past 400 years have become a cutting-edge art form and the face of the landscape today.
Yakimono Makeup.
It is filled with the past 400 years of craftsmanship from the Hizen, famous for the production of Japanese pottery.
Karatsu, Imari, Takeo, Ureshino, Arita, Sasebo, Hirado, Hasami.
The diverse and attractive patterns of pottery have each evolved as individual works of art for makeup and nails.
What can be created when 400 years of beauty and the aesthetics of modern times cross paths?

Tradition × Art × Beauty

The Yakimono Makeup Project recreates beauty as art by incorporating Hizen’s 400 years of techniques into makeup for women.
The project has been set into motion to make every woman beautiful in the Hizen.